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 formeweaver, kalall, a 444-year-old female elf class head
tori a level 4444444 God from Alluum




Class head


drawn by Tori

Being attractive is the most important thing there is

Kalall Formeweaver

Kalall loves to dress to reflect the shape she takes when she shapeshifts, which is that of a red-plumed bird. Her hair is a vibrant red, with a streak of yellow going right down the middle. She wears it with the top half pulled back, to keep her hair out of her face. It hits the middle of her back, though the front reaches to her knees. A mantle of feathers adorns her back, ones she took from her bird forme when they molted. Her eyebrows are a side effect of her ability to transform. They aren't hair, but rather very short feathers with a long one at the end which curls upwards a bit. Most of the hair on her body, aside from the hair on her head, is actually feathers, including the hair on her pelvis. In her travels, Kalall had a guy tattoo a spiraling, flowing tattoo on her body. It starts at her navel and reaches up to her left breast, where is swirls all the way in. Long boots cover her legs, split diagonally between red and yellow. Something like a talon juts off the lateral sides of her feet, partially for minor self-defense, but mostly for decoration. Everything Kalall wears is geared towards appearance, not function. A plate collar rests on her shoulders, dripping down into three points with pure musimite dangling off the ends. Her robe is deep blue and off the shoulder, accented with diagonal strips of yellow and green on either side of her hips. Kalall has a very thin face with two green jewels for eyes. When she first found out her shapeshift form, Kalall tattooed two black tear streaks coming from the medial corners of each eye down to her cheeks, about where her neck meets her face. Ruby lips sit full and round on her face with an elegantly small nose. Kalall is beautiful. She was one of the prettiest girls in her village as a child, and her beauty has only grown, a fact she is very, very aware of. Kalall has every right to be as conceited and vain as she is. Her appearance is very fine, probably because she is an elf. Her frame is thin and willowy, and elegant.

Kalall carries a staff which she made while she was traveling. It is made of cherry and ebony. It is shaped like a shepherd's crook, with the handle being made of cherry wood, and the crook made of deep black ebony. While making her staff, Kalall infused the ebony with her blood, and the cherry with silver. Silver discs band off of chains from each angle of the crook, with a charm of a bird rather than a disc for the middle one off the middle chain.


The center of the universe? Why, it is Kalall obviously, you dunce. Where her feet grace the ground when she walks becomes sacred and fertile for forever. Everyone lives to please her. Feel lucky should she deign to speak to you. There is no greater honor. Kalall radiates serenity and grace. She is perfect. At least, this is how the world looks through Kalall-filter. Kalall is very, very, very aware of her own beauty, and like the bird she is at heart, she puffs up her feathers quite a lot. She truly believes that she can do no wrong, and this reflects on how she treats her peers. Often, Kalall will imply that she is superior to whomever she is talking to. This makes her hard to be around, and not many people can stand being around her for too long, Long ago, Kalall was just a normal elf-child. Then she suffered betrayal by the elf she admired most. She began to be vain and condescending towards as a defense mechanism, to prevent anyone from drawing too close. But, over the decades, the act became genuine. What Kalall doesn't realize is that she needs the company and acceptance of her peers. She isn't aware of it, but to try and draw people closer, Kalall acts in the only way she knows how; as a self-centered, vain elf. Her very attempts to reach out push people away. Occasionally, Kalall will realize that there is something missing, but it must be the hole Cal left in her heart, right? Right…?

Concieted [-] You'll be hard-pressed to find someone so... self assured as Kalall. She can only think about herself and genuinely believes that she is the greatest thing to grace Alksheist,. This makes her rather abrasive and hard to be around. She places everyone else beneath her, but she has good reason to. Kalall is gorgeous, and also every, very talented. You don't get to be a class head if you aren't the best.

Blunt [-] Kalall doesn't really have a filter. She will tell you in no uncertain terms what she thinks of you, and what she thinks of you usually probably isn't the best. You'll never be able to forget just how inferior you are when Kalall is around. Between her and her dragon, you'll be sent off with your tail between your legs or in a worse mood than when you came more often than not.

Intelligent [+] You also can't become class head without being good at what you do.

Talkative [+/-] Kalall loves, loves, loves to talk. Mostly about herself, but quiet makes her uncomfortable. If she were perhaps a bit less abrasive, she'd be great at parties.

Genuine [+] Kalall wears her heart on her sleeve. She doesn't realize it, but she needs the company of other people. Maybe that's why she feels so empty all the time. There are a lot of feelings she ignores, like loneliness or sadness. If she felt those kinds of things, she wouldn't be perfect, now would she?

> skills

Kalall can transform into a glorious bird, thanks to her heritage as an Izlix elf. She has perfected her power over fire and earth, and is adept with air. Water comes with difficultly, since her elemental affinity is fire. She carries a staff which she crafted herself and can use it as either a weapon or a thing to help channel her magic. Kalall has made many contracts with various animals and other things to summon, and uses them quite frequently in battle. She has spent a lot of time enchanting things, though she isnt the most powerful enchanter in the world. Kalall is very good at natural magic. There are few things she cant do with it. Her ability with nature magic is enhanced by the shapeshifting gene which she carries. She doesnt usually need to sing to make it work, but when she does sing, it is possibly one of the most embarrassing and awful things you've ever heard. She doesnt realize this, however, and if anyone were to confront her about it, she would be rather confused. Kalall is also particularly adept at spoken magic. It didnt come totally naturally to her, however she worked on her techniques over centuries and learned from all sorts of masters to hone her ability. Kalall isnt as good with melee weapons as she is magic. She is pretty adept with a staff, since she has one that she uses often, and can wield a nasty broadsword, but she doesnt have much expertise in things such as throwing knives or archery, but she has spells to make up for that deficiency.

> history

Cal -Brother. Elf . unknown

When I was young, I had a happy family, one I loved very very much. We were happy. My older brother was everything I wanted to be. Oh, how I followed him around. He could turn into a magnificent bird with spectacular plumage and the most jewel-like eyes I had ever seen, other than my own. He was incredibly intelligent and always had friends around him. To me, he was perfect and I adored everything he did. And Cal loved me just as much as I loved him. However, he was always dissatisfied with how the village was run. He truly believed that the village's structure was toxic. So he decided he would do something about it. Slowly, he gathered a group around him who all believed the same. Cal tried to convince me to join him, but I knew I couldn't. I didn't want to disappoint my mom and dad. A couple of days later, I woke up to my mom cooking breakfast. When I went out to see what she was making, she informed me that she hadn't seen Cal yet that morning and asked me to go wake him up it was time for breakfast. Blearily, I stumbled down the hall and pushed open the door to Cal's room. His room was empty. I blinked, confused and looked glanced for a second. My gaze landed on a note resting on his pillow. I picked it up. It was in his handwriting and it read,

I love you all. I have to run, but I love you all so much. Especially you, Kalall. You were a perfect little sister to me. Thank you all for hearing out my crazy rants. Eventually you realize why I had to go, but I know that you will understand why I did what I did. I did it because I love you all and I don't want any harm to befall you. I love you."

Slightly frantic, I ran to the kitchen and shoved the note into my mom's hand. As she read it, her brow furrowed. She handed me the note and instructed me to run to the village leader and tell him the situation and see if we could get a search party going to find Cal. I dashed through the door. So focused was I that I didn't realize that I didn't pass another soul the entire way there. I pushed my way into the village leader's house. It was empty. I called out for him. The silence pressed on my ears like the pressure deep underwater. Delicately, I wandered into his house. At the end of a hall there was a room. I opened the door, my vision doing that spinning, jerking thing it does when you go somewhere you know you shouldn't probably be. Sunlight landed gently on the resting form of the village leader. I gently stepped forward to wake him up. But, his eyes were wide open, and his face seemed to be contorted in confusion. Then I noticed a blackening stain around his neck which spilled down onto the bed. Blood. His throat had been sliced. I felt a nearly physical wave pass down my body, like a freezing rain. I backpedaled and ran. On my way back to the house, my senses were in overdrive. There was no one around. The village seemed to be deserted. I spied an open window lining the street and glanced in. There were two mounds in the bed in the room. More dark stains. It was like that with the next home and the next and the next. My parents and I were literally the only living elves left in the village. I felt a knot form in my stomach as my memories of my brother rose in my head. The knot grew tighter as I ran towards my house. When I burst through the door, both of my parents stood there, waiting for my return. I stood and looked at them for a second before great tears welled up in my eyes. I ran and held onto my mother's skirt, breathing in her scent while the fabric so kindly soaked up my tears and the drips from my nose. It was a while before I could get enough air to tell them what I found. They held me and my mom smoothed my hair. Then began the talk of leaving. I didn't want to. What if he came back? How would he know where we had gone? We would be leaving Cal and it hurt. I was in so much pain that it all twisted and planted a hard little seed in my heart. Eventually, that seed grew and a dark blossom appeared. My brother. Cal. He wasn't the shining beacon I had thought he was. Until then, I had let everyone into my heart. Not now. Not anymore. I hate him.


this is Kalall's staff, cause looking at it is easier than me describing it.

this is what Kalall's bird forme looks like

Um. Can we talk about this one?? This is her updated standard outfit. art by soleilloo

This is a lovely commission someone did for me on dA. Here is their dA

Another request of Kalall. The artist's dA

Request of Kalall again. Artist's dA

This is like one of my faves of her, even if it isnt totally accurate c: I am also obsessed with this artist


Done by KathyBelle on dA

Done by CMBaggs

Done by MustLoveOme

Done by our very own Overlord Pony

Kalall is the little bird in the background! Something tells me she isnt too happy about where she is http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif done by Dys-Crux on dA

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kalall's dragon is vigil
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