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 alestere, kuroko m., a 126-year-old male drow student
scarlet a level mermaid from Lexelle










allen walker by katsura hoshino

kuroko maegi alestere

frame; lanky, muscled, dark skin
hair; white, mid-length, straight
eyes; bright green, glowing
marks; scars on left eye, back, upper arm

Elven, but not quite, drows are distinct enough in their appearance. Kuro doesn't stray from the particular norms of his race. His frame is on the thinner side, and he stands just around the average at 6'4", but it's hard to notice with his slight slouch. It not on purpose, he just likes to stay out of sight. Despite the apparent frailness, he actually does have considerable muscle, though nothing near those of the melee classes. Of course, his strength is only relative to other drows, it's nothing remarkable when compared to other species.

Nothing about Kuro is all that remarkable on the outside. His skin varies slightly, being a dark, ashen gray instead of the typical purple tint. It's not even all that pretty; he has plenty of scars deforming it all over him. The only one that most people can see goes directly over his left eye, and mars part of his forehead. The puckered flesh is almost white, making the arcane pattern even more striking. Of course, he'd never mention it unless prompted. The rest of the scars slash across his back and upper right arm, which he attempts to cover as much as possible. They're a bit of a touchy subject for him, but he'd probably discuss it with the few he considers friends.

The other external difference from typical drows is his hair. His course locks are pure white and, more noticeably, short. Kuro chops his hair every morning as a part of his routine, refusing to let it grow past his shoulders. He has little patience with his hair, usually leaving it at all different lengths, almost layered from the top down. The top layer is jagged and goes this way and that, but as the strands get longer, they merely fall flat. The longest pieces fall around his neck, barely brushing his collarbone. The colorful feathers of his tribe are threaded in the back of his hair, mostly toward the top, to avoid cutting them by accident. He usually goes with combinations of brilliant greens and purple along with customary black to fit with his naturally white hair. His barely pointed ears usually can't be seen through the webs of hair and feathers. Of course, on occasions when he trains, his hair is tied up and keeps his bangs away from his face and ears.

Kuro has extremely noticeable eyes despite his attempts to cover them. They are extremely bright green, pretty much fluorescent. The scaly texture from afar is astounding, as he has flecks of gold and purple in the extremely large irises. Even in bright sunlight, they appear to glow in an unearthly way. He tries to combat the strangeness by looking down a lot, but they are yet another noticeable feature that sets him apart from others, in his head anyway.

Thankfully, he does have control over his attire. Any chance he gets, he wears simplistic clothing in dull, muted shades, hoping to blend it better.

> personality

reserved {+}; As he is, Kuro is perfectly fine being by himself in the world. It's a big place out there, and he's willing to take his time and observe it to the very last detail. That's not to say he's anti-social. If someone took a moment to pay attention to him, it would be noted that he's merely thinking about other things, content with his own company. When people talk to him, he doesn't hesitate to respond, even with small talk, but he isn't one to go off on a tangent. If someone around him has a friendly exterior, he'll ask whatever he wants to, whenever something occurs to him. Kuro is simply accustomed to being alone and not bothering anyone without reason. It's typical of his "friends" to get tired with him. Out of habit, Kuro finds the most comfort in sitting together quietly, and for those unwilling to put themselves out there, it can be extremely exasperating.

intellectual {+/-}; Kuroko is always thinking, and is wiling to share if someone asks about it. But when speaking about something that interests him, he might say something seemingly unrelated, forgetting that not everyone shares his same thought process. To him, saying Step A and Step C is enough to infer Step B. While that technique serves him quite well when doing academic work quickly, conversations tend to lag as one half is usually left in the trail of his thoughts. But if someone asked him to slow down, or even informed him that they felt left out, he'd do his best in his own way to include them in whatever he was doing.

self-motivated {+}; Outside of social encounters, Kuro is an extremely persistent individual. Challenges are thrilling; he'd gladly think things through for hours so long as there was a solution to be found. Dropping an assignment is against every fiber of his being. Intellectual stimulation is by far his favorite joy in life, although it would be hard to tell from the outside. No, unless one was close with him, it would be impossible to notice that little half-smile which betrays his typically expressionless mask. He worked diligently for years to develop his mind, and later his body, so he could finish any challenge he would undertake in the future. With such in his training, it's extremely hard to distract him from his goal. However, he's not closed-minded, and if someone with an opinion of value tried to change his view, Kuro would at least attempt to think it through.

aloof {+/-}; Kuro's mannerisms are subtle; he doesn't care much for people's reactions. Annoyance, joy, sadness, and even anger are typically muted in his facial expressions. He has extremely high tolerance for just about everything, which allows him to think things through carefully and logically.

confident {+}; Kuroko's calm exterior is fairly stable until his loyalties are tested. Questioning his faith or ability with most likely evoke a sharp tongue or seething anger better left unseen. Otherwise, he's compliant and works to compromise with the people around him as much as he cares to.

> skills

short range combat|| Kuro is well-versed in a few forms of martial arts, making him potentially deadly in close combat. However, he knows far more defensive forms than offensive. Nonetheless, defensive measures can easily double as counters for martial arts, and so he could definitely subdue one or two enemies if need be. While he isn't particularly muscular, Kuro is strong. Training both mind and body are of the utmost importance, and as such he is competent in a fight. He can use weapons like small knives and the dagger he carries, but anything long range is outside of his expertise.

mentally adept|| Kuro's greatest asset is his impressive intelligence. He thrives on information and new challenges, and continues to expand his knowledge as much as possible. The satisfaction of solving something is enough intrinsic motivation in itself and he rarely drops a challenge. He has the ability to look at everything objectively and figure out the logical outcome, as well as go back and factor in personal boundaries and the like to come out with the most appropriate response in most cases.

memorization|| Kuro has nearly a photographic memory. After seeing something once or twice, he catches nearly everything, although he has to consciously wish to remember it for it to stay any longer than a day or two. He's a stickler for detail, however due to his occasional disinterest in people, he has a tendency to miss subtle social cues.

empathy|| While he isn't exactly aloof, Kuro does have trouble reading people sometimes. Regardless, he tries to be fairly empathetic but also unwilling to show it, which tends to make people find him cold. However, when comfortable, he is a good listener and can provide good advice, and in a conflict he can usually sort out a compromise without stepping on too many toes.

> history

tatsuya alestere - father . drow . deceased
satsuki alestere - mother . drow . alive

Both of his parents were low class drows. When he was born, taking care of him was their first priority, so they worked rather hard to support him. Kuro always enjoyed helping his parents when he could, but due to low status and young age people would tell him to go away and mind his own business. As such, he developed his lower self-esteem, and learned to keep quiet as much as possible. With his solitude came plenty of time, which he used to teach himself things. At first it was basic skills like counting, reading, writing, and hunting. Of course, he got bored with that and spent the following years teaching himself from whatever books he got, and learning miscellaneous knowledge that piqued his interest. Building things and solving puzzles were his time pass, and eventually he came to the point where he believed he could be useful outside of his village. He heard about Evercrest Academy, and aimed for it
- Did this secretly for years before he was ready to tell his parents
- The day he came home late to announce his decision to go, found parents arguing and another woman in the house
- basically there was a huge fight bc frustration of low class and his father attacked kuro when he tried to protect his mother
- kuro ends up w gash over eyes bc of glass as well as a ton of whip marks on back and and arms
- kills dad to protect mother with dagger he got from dad lol oops
- takes care of mom for rest of the year and then she says it would be best for both of them if he went to ever rest to gain recognition and respect since they were even more hated now after the death of dad became public

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kuroko's dragon is alsie
kuroko doesn't have a mentor yet.

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