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 cisxiq, gnix, a 58-year-old male faun student
heather a level fragment of the void from Kaimo
58 (appears 19)



panromantic asexual




drawn by me

Gnix Cisxiq

(nihx sih•sihk | rhymes with "physic" as in "physical")

Seeing a faun at Evercrest isn't something that is completely unheard of, but it is uncommon enough to turn a few heads when they walk by. They are pretty different in their own right, with the bottom half of a goat and horns growing from their temples. Gnix stands at 4'11", average for fauns but short compared to other humanoid species.

They say eyes are the window to the soul, and Gnix's eyes are definitely proof of that. They are bright blue, and when people get a good look into them they can see a rebellious fire burning in them. When he's planning something, his eye are always a dead giveaway. One expectionally good at reading emotions can nearly predict what he is thinking just by looking into his eyes.

Gnix has been growing his hair out for a while, and now it is long enough to brush against his shoulders and flip at the edges. It's a dark blond color, with some brown streaks mixed in as well. It's pretty thick and voluminous, but his horns are plenty long enough to poke through. His leg fur is the same color as his hair, as well. But when he was growing up Gnix decided to dye his bangs black for the hell of it, as well.

When Gnix was growing up, he loved sticking out in a crowd. Not only did being a faun in Alluum do this for him, but dying his hair helped. He also decided to get his ears pierced, as well as his lip. His ears, which are slightly pointed, have two helix piercings. They are two small silver hoops around the outer cartilage of his ears. He also has a medium-sized black ball piercing in each of his earlobes. On his lips, he has snake bites, plain silver studs under his lower lip.

Fauns never really have a problem with minimal clothing, but moving to Alluum (especially Evercrest, high up in the mountains) made Gnix want to wear sweatshirts to protect his torso from the cold. He has a couple pairs of different colors and patterns, and there's no real rhyme and reason to when he wears them. He doesn't need to wear pants, because his leg fur is thick enough so nothing "inappropriate" shows, and it keeps him warm enough even in the coldest weather. He has a small goat tail, too, and he claims that wearing pants cause him tail-related pain. He definitely doesn't wear shoes, either.

lyrics > personality

likes: challenges, exploring, salt/salty foods, climbing
dislikes: anger, laziness, spicy food, loosing
random fact: addicted to Lovelove plant

Gnix is first and foremost a trickster sort of faun. He loves messing with people. He's a good liar and a good actor, and is very persuassive. He says it's his faun instincts, but that hasn't really been proven. It's probably more or a stereotype of fauns, but that makes Gnix want to fool around even more. But when he's not acting, he does have trouble keeping his emotionals under control. And when he starts with his emotions, it's hard to stop. When he isn't trying to act or anything, he can be quite an open book, as well.

If Gnix has trouble doing anything, it's being still. He loves to move around, and when he has to stand or sit still he has little tics that involve twittling his thumbs, bouncing his legs, gnawing at his lips, etc. He also doesn't have a very long attention span, especially when it comes to something he doesn't like. Because of this, he isn't a very good student academically. He's not dumb, he's actually a very smart kid (pun kind of intended). A lot of people don't see it, though, but he doesn't let it get to him.

Gnix is pretty rebellious, too. He likes to do what he wants whenever he wants. But, at the same time, if someone of high authority tells him to not do something, he won't. But after a couple weeks, he'll "forget" and do it behind their back.

Meat-eating has always been something Gnix feels uncomfortable about. Cheese and milk, on the other hand, is completely good. He loves drinking warm goat milk on stormy winter nights. He doesn't try to "convert" people to being vegetarian, though. He respects their decisions, even though he prefers not to eat around them when they do. When he eats, he usually eats alone.

lyrics > skills

Thanks to his powerful legs, Gnix is good at climbing. In fact, there's nothing he won't climb, and most of the time he succeeds in climbing it. He loves the challenge, so if someone challenges him to do something he's more than happy to do it. He's also very good at moving with minimal sound, which may come as a surprise considering his hooves. But he is able to muffle sound, which takes skill and practice. He's also very fast, even though a lot of people find this a surprise because when he walks normally his legs cause him to awkwardly limp. (He's not in pain, though, that's just how fauns walk.) He can also jump very high.

Weapons he's good at using are a bow and arrows and a quarterstaff. He can also fistfight, and uses his powerful legs and hooves to deal damage as well. He's pretty strong considering his size, and so he can fight pretty well.

He's also good at playing his flute, which may sound strane but it's a special flute, with two runes carved into it: #5 The Seedling and #7 The Cross. Combined, he's able to create illusions while he plays it. He can use it during fights to confuse his opponents, but most of the time he just likes to play it and create stories through his song-based illusions.


Snyka Cisxiq - mom . faun . alive
Dapxyz Cisxiq - dad . faun . alive
Komiq Cisxiq - twin sister . faun . alive

For what Gnix believes to be since the dawn of time, the Cisxiq family has lived in Kaimo as simple ranchers, like most other fauns in the country. Gnix and his sister Komiq were born in Kaimo, and grew up long enough to remember life before Zann took over. He was 18, physically six, was Kaimo was beginning to be taken over by the quilgbi. Luckily, his family was able to escape before Kaimo became a warzone. They moved to Alluum, along with many Kaimens, and have lived there in peace since.

Because of the wealth they had accumulated with their goat farm, from all the milk and cheese they produced, the Cisxiq family was able to live in style. Gnix and Komiq went to proper school, even though Gnix didn't do too well compared to his sister. But shortly after they graduated, Gnix decided that he would be as respected as his sister by going to Evercrest and becoming the first dragon rider in his family. Since Evercrest was something he actually wanted to do, he knew he'd easily excel.

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