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 nalask, an unpaired male dragon
owl a level human from Alluum
YOU'RE FREE TO ADD AS MANY SECTIONS OVER HERE AS YOU LIKE! the ones listed *are* mandatory, though. if you want to add more, it alternates between class="g" and "y"; if you need help, just ask pony! (you can also delete this comment if you want)







a lyric here!

firstname middlename lastname


lyrics > personality

Nalask is an open sort of fellow . He can switch from one emotion to another in a matter of seconds, only in anger, fear, or sadness will a calm cool look cross his face where no emotion is shown. He is laid back most of the time,but that changes when he is in a group depending on what they want to doing at the time, he's all for it. Easy to laugh, he sees the brighter side of life in almost anything.

He hates fighting and is usually the peacemaker, this does not make him a pushover, he will fight when he needs to.He has pride in himself and carries himself in a dignify manner, but he's not stuck up, most would see him as approachable.

He is sharp witted and misses nothing. He has a huge heart and loves to make those close to him laugh. He finds enjoyment in the small things in life. He has a steadying air about him, and will stop at an time of day to listen to you and your concerns or problems.

lyrics > skills

skills relevant to placement in the classes. magic, combat, stealth, politics, photographic memory ect.

lyrics > history

put your characters' family members up here like this:
name - relation . species . alive/deceased/unknown
name - relation . species . alive/deceased/unknown

make sure your history is long enough to explain all of your character's backstory!

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