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 hund, alistar i., a 150-year-old drow-elf student
owl a level human from Alluum
150 (appears in mid twenties)







You think you know me.

Alistar Ialu Hund

Out of the three siblings Alistar is the one who's drow genes show through the most. His skin is a few shades darker than his brother's and sister's. It is no surprise that he takes after his father, some say he is even a carbon copy of his younger years, save a few key differences. Instead of his hair being pure white in nature,it is more of an extremely washed out hue of his mother's. His eyes are a throwback from a past Hund long gone. They are a pale blue like glacier when the sun hits, with the darker hue ringing the pupil and setting up a rather definite limbal ring,with violet flecks in between.

Thick sculpted eyebrows frame them and helps draws the viewer's attention to his most prominent feature. His other features are not as severe as a normal drows. While he has high cheek bones, a wide forehead, and full lips; things that would be consider aristocratic with the sharp planes, they are rounded instead. His ears are prominently pointed due to his parents genes.

He has a lean build. While he is fit, the muscle that he does have fails to show through due to his height, giving him a soft look. It is a feature that has gotten him into many a fight. As far as attire, it usually comes in dark hues that accent both his tattoo's and his skin tone. Mostly found in T-shirts and jeans, he is not one for flashy clothing and would rather let his personality overwhelm you than his clothing.

His tattoos span from the sides of his temple to his wrist and extend to the small of his back. This tattoo is interconnected, geometric in nature, and done in red ink. Due to this the sides of his head is shaved and the rest is kept at shoulder length. Depending on his mood this length of hair could be braided back, thrown in a ponytail, or a combination of the two. The red feathers of his tribe always features somewhere in his hairstyle, it all depends on his mood as to where.

But my nature is nothing more than a facade. > personality

Confident: It stems from both his parentage and his accomplishments. He takes the bull by the horns all while laughing. Anyone that is in the vicinity of him can be caught up in his seize the day attitude.

Arrogant: His confidence has bled into arrogance and in short has made him somewhat reckless. While he is well aware of his flaws,he ignores them, pushing past them to create a larger than life version of himself. Which can be seen in his mannerisms.Everyone, whether male or female is labeled,they are things to deconstruct to him nothing more and very few will rise above this classification for him. Those that do are watched and studied, because those are the ones he as no way of gauging their whims. This also feeds his minor gambling problem, as he will make a bet will anyone whether it be life threatening or not.

Intelligent: One does not get where he is by being stupid and through the years he has self taught many things. He craves knowledge in all it's forms and is quick to take up something that stumps him, working at until he has mastered it. This also extends to street smarts, He is quick to figure out the lay of the land and manipulate the rules to his benefit. After all rules are just a challenge to work around.

Passionate: Tied to his emotions, he is one to let them run their course but is careful on where. It's never good to look weak in the eyes of clients or his peers.

Creative:Both in how he attacks a problem and how he expresses himself in his free time, it's a sight to be seen in either case.

Ambitious: He is always looking to better himself. Whether that be by picking up a new skill or out doing another person.

Blunt: He does not mince words,ever. While they might be eloquently said the meaning they hold is never unknown.

Protective:To those he values, he is quick to take up arms for and protect with his life. That being said not many, save his family, as gained this view in his eyes.

Intuitive: He is extremely aware of the people around him and how their mannerisms correlate with what they want, he caters to this. It is easier for him to manipulate a person to get want he want in return if he knows their mannerism, obsessions, weaknesses, and their wants that they categorized as needs before they do.

Gentle:Underneath his stubborn, brash,and zealous nature is a gentle boy. It shows through in his moments of quiet or when he thinks no one is paying attention. If one were to gain his heart they would find that he is the most loving person you will ever meet, he has a huge heart and loves to make those close to him laugh. He finds enjoyment in the small things in life and loves to play with children, seeing as they mirror what his is underneath. He has a steadying air about him, and will stop at an time of day to listen to their and their concerns or problems.

Stubborn: Hard headed he is convinced that his way is the best and will only concede to the other side if he is proven wrong. Just by ready for a whole a lot of grumbling under his breath when this comes to pass. He doesn't take being wrong very well.

To hide my imperfections and vices. > skills


- Hand to Hand: He has learned, over the years, that there is no fair fight and acts accordingly. Any advantage he has he will take it, whether or not it is considered a low blow, he is in the fight to win. Being that he has been in to many fights to count this is a skill he's had the most exposure to. He has had some formal teaching but the rest he developed through trail and error. In any case he is rather fond of his brass knuckles.

- Swordsmanship: Maybe it was due to the stories his father use to tell them of their mother or the fact that it fascinated him as a child, he took up wielding dual Kohopeshs at an early age. While an odd choice of weapon, he is proficient at using them and strives to become a master in their use.

- Archery: Another skill he started at a young age, he is proficient at long and close range shots and will continue to work with this skill until he has mastered it.

Languages: Much like his sister, he enjoys hearing other languages and how they flow off the tongue. He is fluent in both elvish, and after pestering his father, the dialect of his tribe.

Observant:It's the small things that will kill you and as such he takes care to note of things that he considers odd when he is casing a place or people watching.

Stealth: None of his family knows of his employment as a drug dealer and he plans to keep it that way. Late night excursions to meet his clients has developed this skill but there is also the fact he loves to remain unseen in the shadows, one gains so much more information that way.

Anatomy: One of his many self taught subjects, he is extremely knowledgeable about the human(oid) body.

Pressure points: A byproduct of studying Anatomy, he rarely uses this method in subduing person.

Silver Tongued: He has always had a way with words but this is not always a good thing, by using his charm he gets himself into as much trouble as he gets what he wants.

Herbal remedies: Along with Anatomy, he began studying plants and their healing abilities. While he knows enough to stave off illness,aches and work as a clotting agent he is by no means an expert.

Poisons: He is more verse in poisons than he is in healing, by observing the decline in the rat populations of the various alleyways he set up his concoctions in he knows they work, but not how it will effect the human body.

All for a better image. > history

Xerdonis Fre Gast Hund - Father . Drow . alive
Constance Rivera Dreamweaver - Mother . Elf . alive
Alphonse Ian Hund - Brother . Drow/Elf Hybrid . alive
Arwen Iris Hund - Sister . Drow/Elf Hybrid . alive

Alistar has never felt hunger and everything he could have possible wanted could have been given to him. With your parents being well know in Alluum,crucial to ending Necromancer rebellion and helping rebuild the fallen city of Xidwin, money was the form of thanks they received.

However, money could not give him the acceptance he craved nor the mother he longed to see. School was hell for him and the rest of his siblings for the simple fact that they had been born. While his sister took to befriending others and his brother buried himself in books to block out the discrimination they face, he openly challenged it. It was not uncommon for him to home with a busted lip, black eye, and various bruises spanning his body.

When his father took them out of public school he breathed a sigh of relief. His time then became devoted to things he felt were of importance to him and the fighting that plagued him died down. Spurred on by the stories of his mother he took up wielding dual blades in an effort to emulate her. Years passed this way, almost peaceful, though there was always a dark undertone with his father's depressive state and his illness taking a toll on them all.

He soon grew bored. There was nothing that set his blood on fire or challenged him so he took to sneaking out at night. Once again he was returning home scuffed up but with extra cash in his pocket, not that he needed it. It was around this time that he was approached by a supplier that dealt in various vices. For him being a drug dealer was nothing more than a way to watch others grovel at his feet, all for a high, it was amusing to him that those who once spurned him to come to him with no recognition in their eyes. He was happy to give them what they wanted whether it be for money or secrets.

Their father's condition grew worse and he put a pause on his late night excursions to spend more time with him. The extra money he was getting when into paying for treatments, though it did little, he felt that he was contributing to helping his father rather than watching him waste away. He's father soon sent Arwen to Evercrest and as soon as she was gone, he became restless. She was getting to do something that he only ever dreamed of. A few days later he found his bags packed, sitting on the doorstep, his older brother by minutes telling him to get his butt to the Academy before the exams were over and to keep his coming Arwen as long as possible.

It was another day before he left, the night before spent arguing with his brother on why he shouldn't go before his father stepped in telling him to take the once in a lifetime opportunity. With his blessing he travel to Evercrest under an alias.

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