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 firan, alexandra, a 22-year-old female skygge mentor
scarlet a level mermaid from Lexelle











go ahead and kill me dead

alexandra firan

frame; curvy, medium height, peach skin
hair; medium, curled, blonde
eyes; grey, naturally brown
marks; freckles on arms, cartilage piercing

Alexandra, or Lex as she prefers, would probably be considered conventionally attractive. While she isn't the skinniest person around, most of it is muscle as she's been training since childhood. Her skin is a medium peachy tone, though she's got a few freckles on her arms. Despite being just out of her teens, there aren't any acne marks or the like due to Lex's meticulous care. While not to the point of vanity, Lex does care quite a bit about appearances in order to present herself the way she wants to.

Her style of dressing is simple but flattering. She layers as tastefully as possible, as she loves being warm but doesn't want to appear bulky. Lex also puts care into her daily makeup routine, not because she's insecure but because she feels more attractive doing so.

Lex keeps her hair fairly long, around mid back. It's blonde and slightly curled, which she adjusts herself each day. Her eyes are naturally brown, but since she felt they were too plain she had been donning blue-grey colored contacts since her 6th year at Evercrest. The stud she keeps in her cartilage piercing is a similar blue-grey.

you're a lonely child and it really shows > personality

decisive {+}; Part of being a young member of Evercrest, Lex has always known how to make decisions. She doesn't let anyone else push her around because only she knows what's best for herself. Also, if you're going to make it in the world, you have to trust what you know best, right? Her guiding light is her gut, she knows that she has to go with what she believes in most strongly.

independent {+/-}; If given the choice, Lex would prefer working alone, but more on the grounds that she wouldn't want anyone interfereing and telling her that she's wrong than anything else. She can work with a team just fine, although she'll probably bite back ruder comments regarding what she thinks of other peoples' strategies. However, with coaxing, she can be brought to see other ways of doing things. That is, unless she's already stated her point of view, because then she feels compelled to stick to it and defend it even after she feels it's no longer the best course of action.

flirtatious {+/-}; She has a compelling personality that does tend to draw people to her. Making the first move isn't really much of an issue, as she only intends to have a little fun. Nothing sexual is ever serious for her, though she also tries not to think about the possibility of never finding someone to love. It's more fun when as many people as possible find her desirable. Her tongue has gotten her into a couple of unnecessary situations, but she's all for more exciting stories to tell so she doesn't really stop herself.

vindictive {-}; When she thinks something is wrong, it's extremely hard to convince her otherwise. In fact, having one wrong opinion can occasionally lead Lex to dislike someone for quite a while unless they do something drastic to change it.

indifferent {-}; In a personal sense, more than anything. Alexandra doesn't like looking within herself or reflecting on past decisions. Frankly, she's afraid of seeing how wrong she may have been, and is set on constantly moving forward. Unfortunately, this isn't the healthiest way to be and she ends up dissociating with her experiences in order to protext her well being.

but i'm a heartless prick god only knows > skills

fire magic|| Her elemental alignment that she is incredibly skilled at using. Her offensive magic is lethal and she has trained with it since childhood. While she has complete control of it, she lets some of it leak into the air around her, heating the air and sparking as she gets angry. It is intended to be a warning of sorts, not that people ever expect what's coming once she begins fighting.

air magic|| Her affixed element, Lex learned it in her time at Evercrest. Elemental magic has been her main forte, so she picked up quickly. However, her air magic is as ruthless as her fire, she uses it with fury that knocks people over and strangles the wind out of them.

shadow magic|| The natural magic that all skygges are born with. Lex is extremely well versed in blending into the shadows around her as she'd frequently escape from home or hide from her parents with. She also has minimal healing capabilities with it. spoken magic|| Lex knew some basic spells before her time at Evercrest, but they were never her focus. She learned a lot more in her twelve years and has a strong repertoire. If things came to improvising spells, there is a high chance she would mess up.

physically fit|| She believes that strength of her body affects the strength of her magic. As such, she trains quite a bit. Her endurance is high through running and regular exercise which she incorporates into her magic training.

lyrcs > runes

runes with daezus; 53, 57, 62, 83

it's every young girl's dream to find her boyfriend lying on her floor > history

jessica firan - mother . skygge . alive
michael firan - mother . skygge . alive
casper firan - brother . skygge . alive

Alexandra lived a fairly average life. Nice house, both parents, one girl and one boy, the picture of an ideal life or something. Of course, Lex didn't feel that way in the slightest. Her older brother was a slacker and a slob, so her parents pinned all their hopes on her from the time she was an infant. Her father was an alumni of Evercrest Academy, forced out of service by a crippling injury that left him paralyzed shortly before Lex was born. And so, her parents pushed her to be the next generation. And she had a deadline, applications were opening when she turned 10.

Due to her competence with magic coupled with impressive strength for her size, Lex managed to get a spot in the Academy, and frankly was happier than ever. She hated being around her parents that belittled her over everything, and here she was becoming one of the most prestigious members of society without them. The school was her entire life, and she chose to embrace it. Between classes, she experienced that time of her life as she grew into a teenager and suddenly was just as interested in experimenting in social endeavors. she frequented the eraser parties and quickly grew to enjoy the atmosphere and attention she got as she was suddenly sexually attractive. Her twelve years at Evercrest shaped her, and she had no intention of leaving. Now that it's the next cycle of students and Lex was freshly graduated, she chose to start mentoring at the Academy in order to maintain the lifestyle she had going for herself.

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