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 fjorn, a 24-year-old male jafari
ak47rage a level Fumble God from Alluum






Art: Verridith



Fjorn is a pretty large dragon in his opinion, although he is notably smaller than the average Jafari. He stands at 6 feet at the shoulder, with a wingspan that doubles that. He's thin, and therefore aerodynamic. He has beautiful colorings, blues and whites that fade into each other, making for some truly beautiful shadings. Very faint lines run through his feathers and scales, making wavy patterns like wind blown patterns in the desert, except they're blue instead of yellow.

On the outside, he looks calm and ready> personality

A calm, patient dragon, Fjorn doesn't really feel anger or rage in most situations. He can easily retain his feelings in emotional situations, and can help others relax in emotional situations as well

Able and willing, he is happy to help others with whatever problems they may have

Cool Headed
In a heated situation, Fjorn thinks his actions through and finds the best course of action possible

He cares about his friends and allies, and would come to their aid at a moments notice

He isn't likely to ever turn his back on you, and if he did it was for an exceptionally good reason. His loyalty is pure and true to his friends

lyrics > skills

Fjorn is highly skilled in magic, although he never really had need for using it. He likes to practice a little from time to time whenever he has time to just mess around, making little tricks with fire and such that he finds pretty amusing. Sometimes he'll do a few tricks for the students that aren't skilled in magic, nothing too huge, but it's fun for him and keeps most of the students entertained. He does know combat magic, but never has use for it.

lyrics > history

make sure your history is long enough to explain all of your character's backstory!
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